Packing Services

Packing is one of the most important aspects of any move. How your items are packed and secured will determine how well they survive the transport period. Many customers choose to pack their own boxes and we are okay with that. However, we still inspect all boxes and self packed items before loading to ensure they are secured well enough to avoid damage. Our trucks are always equipped with all the necessary packing materials you would need.

Our Packing Process

Unlike other movers, we take the time and energy to ensure all your items are packing, wrapped, or strapped professionally to avoid any damages. Sometimes damages are unavoidable, but doing everything you can to avoid them is something we can do. We begin by inspecting all your items and logging in any existing damages. We then retrieve all the packing materials we will need to meet your needs. As your items are fully packed, wrapped, and secured, we load them to our truck and get your move going.

We offer complimentary padded blankets and shrink wrap for all customers. Boxes, packing paper, tape, and other packing materials are also available for purchase. Packing services are additional and available to every customer. It is best to reserve your packing services with your moving agent prior to moving day. This allows us to arrive with any specialty packing materials you would need for your move.

Packing your items professionally only protects your personal or corporate items. It is always better to be safe than regretful. Our policy is not to load any items that are poorly packing or secured unless the customer signs a waiver. We do this because we know how damages occur and we always do our best to inform our customers of the possible outcomes. So be sure to discuss your items in detail with your moving agent to be sure how you can correctly pack your items or to add professional packing services to your reservation. Click below to get started with your moving reservation if you do not have an existing moving reservation with us.