Long Distance

For over a decade, the owners of Spirit Moving have been working with various moving companies, helping all types of households and businesses relocate nationwide. Today, Spirit Moving focuses on offering reliable moving services to residents and businesses through out the east coast, from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama to New Jersey, Connecticut, even Rhode Island.

Long distance moving services at Spirit Moving are designed to give customers quality and fast pick up and delivery. We deliver most jobs with in 7 days and aim to never hold any customers items for any longer. The DOT allows moving companies up to 21 days to deliver your items. We only need up to 7! Our routes are all designed to give customers who are ready to receive their items direct delivery unless we are instructed to store your items.

Our Long Distance Moving Process

Every moving reservation begins with a detailed overview of the items you plan to move with you, your pick up and delivery location details, packing needs, and more. Once our reservation agents have all the details they needs to plan your move, they then send you a comprehensive moving estimate covering all your moving needs and costs. After you confirm your reservation we add you to our service calendar and prepare to execute your move. On your desired moving date, we arrive usually on time or early. We are never late!

Moving day consists of us packing your items, securing your furniture and larger items such as dressers, cabinets, pianos, and more. You never have to worry about unnecessary surcharges or false increases. Your estimate is based on what you are moving and what you need to be moved. Unless you make any changes to your estimate such as adding more items or requesting specialized packing services, your estimate will NEVER increase. Once your items are all packing and secured, we then load them to our truck and get on our way to your delivery location. We always delivery your items directly after your pick up unless you request storage services. All customers receive 30 days free storage if they need it.

Start planning your next big move today with us by clicking below or by calling us at 1-888-303-9023. We offer competitive rates for professional and quality service. All long distance moves come with a Free Moving Gift Box to help all our customers enjoy their new home!