Protect Your Move

Protect Your Move

Spirit Moving aims to uphold our motto of full disclosure and trust. As such, we make an unconditional guarantee that every one of our relocation specialists will go over all packing costs and any other additional charges that you may face before your move date. Below is a handful of ways that movers may attempt to take advantage of you. Protect your belongings and your sanity.

For more information on how you can protect yourself, see the Official Department of Transportation Guide.


This is the most common scam in the industry. A mover will provide you with an estimate for the cost of your move, and then on moving day will try to increase the rate due to “more cubic feet than expected” or “see how much space your items take up on our truck” and the best one is, “this item list is not done correctly, let’s do it over and get the correct price now”.

Many customers just want to see a low price and will be eager to pay a deposit against a moving estimate they think is a great deal. However, movers all charge close to the same rates so if you have a mover sending you an estimate that is much lower than other movers, it will usually be too good to be true. They will end up charging close to the same as all other movers on moving day. Shop smart and choose quality over low prices.


This scam may be the worst of the bunch. A mover will come and pack, load and promise to deliver your belongings “on time.” Then, they call saying your goods are in the back of a truck behind two other peoples’ belongings, so you can’t receive your furniture until theirs is delivered first. If the mover has a licensing violation and their truck is impounded in transit by the Department of Transportation, all your valuables are stuck on board until the truck is released. Either of these situations result in your goods being delivered weeks late…or not at all. Be aware of your movers status with the Department of Transportation. Choose a mover you can trust.


This happens often with a rogue mover. A fly-by-night mover will take your money, load your belongings, then close up shop and flee, abandoning your shipment either on the truck or in a private storage facility.

This scam allows the mover to take off with your money and your belongings. If you are lucky enough to find where your belongings ended up, expect to pay exorbitant amounts of money to retrieve them from the storage locale.
 Be sure your mover is well established and seems to want to stay in business. Check their website, authority status, online reviews, etc…


A mover provides you with an estimate, only to add extras on once they have your belongings in their possession. Basically, their estimate is not valid, and they can tack on as many additional costs as they’d like – doubling or tripling the cost of your move. If you want your furniture back, you have to pay the additional cost. You can avoid this by NEVER signing a blank bill of lading or contract on moving day. Movers pull this off by saying “we can always do it later”. Always finalize the contract and item list on moving day before doing anything or letting anyone load your items.


A mover will tack on additional charges based on unfounded reasons: After the mover gives you an estimate based on weight and your valuables are on their truck, they then charge you extra, claiming the cubic feet have exceeded the weight estimate. Since this is impossible to calculate, you’re stuck paying the fees or forsaking your goods. This is avoidable by ensuring you have a detailed item list and completed / signed contract in the beginning of your pick up. The first step on moving day is to go over your items and finalize paperwork/payment. Be sure to never let your mover skip this important step.

If you have any questions regarding your moving estimate, protecting your move, or how to go about solving a moving issue, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-303-9023. Our agents are always standing by to help you during office hours.