Moving can be a stressful process and when you add kids to it, things can become chaotic very fast. That is why we decided to share this amazing video with you. We found it to be helpful with many clients and love what the creator of this video did so here it is.

The best thing to do when you are moving with kids is to first be patient. Children like us adults do not take kindly to change so let’s always keep in mind that they are moving just as we are. So start by making the move exciting and fun for everyone. Play music while packing, create a system that everyone can follow so it becomes a team activity. Support each other and help one another so everyone feels included. Most importantly, start packing!

The best way to keep your move running smoothly is to make sure you are getting the packing done. If you have no time, allow us to help you pack your items and you just focus on you other important tasks, such as keeping the kids for making more of a mess. We know that just because you are moving, you do not stop being parents and that role comes with daily responsibilities. So if you need help, we are happy to give it!

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