There are dozens of reasons why a business owner decides to relocate their business, including out-growing a space, more space for more employees, expansion, and more. Some moves may be just across town, others to another state completely, but no matter the motivation behind it or the distance involved, there are still some common key issues which everyone moving a business needs to address in some way or form. Spirit Moving has put together some tips to help business owners plan better for their business relocation. Be sure to call us at 1-888-303-9023 if you have any questions.


Once you have decided on a date and secured your new premises make a checklist of all the people who need to be notified. These may include:

  • Current customers & clients
  • Utility and Internet providers (at current and new location)
  • Insurance providers
  • Mail services (it may take a few week to get mail forwarding set up)
  • Suppliers & Vendors
  • Banks and other finance institutions

It is wise to request confirmation from the above to be sure your request has been received and confirmed.

Deciding what, when (or even if) you tell customers and/or clients largely depends on the type of business you have. For example, a bakery which depends on foot traffic, has regular customers, and staff who directly interact with them have different needs to a business which operates virtually.

A baker moving across town needs to pass on details of his new shop so customers can find it if they want to. The online only business owner may not even need to mention the move to clients at all, unless it is likely to delay deadlines.


When preparing for the actual move you must decide early on if you wish to pack and/or move by yourself, or have a specialist moving company take care of it all for you. If the latter ask around as soon as you can for recommendations, check testimonials on company websites and be aware that booking a while ahead may be necessary, especially during busy periods.

A professional moving company with experience of relocating businesses can be worth its weight in gold, removing one of the many tasks involved in the entire process from your shoulders.

Whichever way you decide to proceed, check that your goods are fully insured at all stage of the packing and moving process.


Will you need to order new business cards or company stationery? If your landline number is changing then this is unavoidable, so take the opportunity to make any other changes you can to the overall design.


If your website has a mailing address or map on it don’t let it sit for a long time without being updated. This gives a poor impression of your company to visitors.


Unless you have either a huge workforce to help you, or super-human powers, chances are there will be at least a short period of downtime while you make the physical move from one set of business premises to another.
Prepare for this as realistically as possible, for example by notifying customers no orders will be dispatched between xx and xx dates, or similar. It is always better to over-estimate the time you could be difficult to contact, so as not to cause alarm or irritation.

It is fine to use any social media platforms you have to keep your clients or customers informed, and to make general announcements about your plans, but where possible communicating your plans directly to regular clientele before they happen is both polite and good business sense. A basic mail would be fine if you are short of time.

Moving a business is quite different from moving home, so most people who do it have no direct experience to draw on to help plan and execute a stress free experience. Overall it involves a lot of organization, planning and preparation, so don’t delay – if you have plans to relocate get started on the process as soon as possible. Call us at 1-888-303-9023 to get started or email us your moving details such as your item list and moving description to If you already have your moving item list, the call us today to discuss rates and availability. Our reservation agents are always prepared to help you plan your upcoming move.